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Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer in Israel.

Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer in Israel. 10: Israel is Magnificent One of the biggest misconceptions is that Israel is war torn and in ruins. Israel is an incredible forward thinking country. Israel has the third highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world! When Golda...

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Don’t miss Summer Camp 2018

DID YOU MISS SUMMER CAMP USA 2017? If you missed it, don't worry!  Applications for Summer Camp USA are open. New packages to be launched soon, so don't miss out for 2018!  Here are some reasons to not miss out: Work Experience – Working at a Summer Camp provides you...

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5 Halloween Customs from Around the World

The countdown to Halloween has begun – everywhere, people are readying themselves for a night of tricks, treats and horror-fying happiness. As we offer programmes around the world, we thought we’d take a few moments to see how Hallow’s Eve is celebrated in various...

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Get to know YDP

Hi there! At YDP, we believe that the opportunity to work and travel abroad is something that everyone should have the privilege and joy of experiencing. We work tirelessly to bring our clients a selection of some of the best internships and work experience programmes...

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Are you coming camping with us in 2017?

We’re seriously excited to share our summer camp rates with you! Summer camps are a USA phenomenon which have become extremely popular over the years, with various camps opening up in different states all over America. Camp counsellors are responsible for looking...

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Five Ways to Make a Good First Impression

Studies have shown that it takes people seconds (even microseconds) to make a snap judgement about other individuals, which demonstrates why it’s crucial to make a good initial impression. If you’re starting an internship, a new job or simply meeting a new...

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How to be a Great Summer Camp Counsellor

Our summer camp internships in the USA are some of our most popular programmes, and it’s easy to see why. Fun, exciting, culturally rich and extremely rewarding, camps are full of imaginative and educational play, making them enticing options for people who love to...

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What Makes a Good Intern

The opportunity to intern is something you should grasp with both hands – not everyone gets this chance and it’s often an ideal way to get a foot in the door in some rather insular and saturated industries. Making a good first impression is of paramount importance –...

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