Hi there! At YDP, we believe that the opportunity to work and travel abroad is something that everyone should have the privilege and joy of experiencing. We work tirelessly to bring our clients a selection of some of the best internships and work experience programmes currently available worldwide, and we operate across the globe in the USA, the Netherlands, Israel and Australia.

We want to give you the opportunity to shine overseas, and to test your skills in a new environment. All our programmes are designed to boost your self-esteem and knowledge, immerse you in another culture, and give you the opportunity to grow and hone your talents whilst having fun. We offer a plethora of work opportunities across different fields, including internships, summer camps, kibbutz volunteering, and au pairing.

As part of our internships, we have a business career development programme, culinary arts experiences, hotel internships, and agricultural offerings – so whatever you’re good at, we probably have an internship for you! We work with some of the top service providers in the world because we believe that to be the best you need to watch the best at work.

We are completely committed to making our clients’ experiences as positive as possible and we will guide you through every step of the process involved. Our friendly staff members have years in the industry so they know exactly what to do to make everything run smoothly and efficiently. Ultimately, we want you to have a hassle-free, fun and life-changing time living and working abroad. If you’d like to find out more about us, please contact us and we’ll be in touch!