We at YDP truly believe that summer camps are for everyone, however, that being said there are some tell-tale signs that you’ll take to camp life like a duck to water.

Here are 7 signs that you are PERFECT for the life of a summer camper.


1. You want an adventure.

You’re ready to get out and explore your surroundings. You want to experience something incredible and travel around the world, getting to grips with new cultures and learn new things. The thought of seeing more of the world is so exciting to you and you can’t wait to get out there. If this is you, then the summer camp lifestyle is perfect for you.

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2. You have a passion or a hobby.

Whether it’s arts and crafts, archery, swimming or musical theatre – As long as you have a passion or hobby that you absolutely love. You can’t think of anything better than getting to enjoy your favourite thing day in day out – let alone teaching it to children! If you’re passionate about what you love then you’re perfect for summer camp.



3. You love to meet new people.

If you’re a people person and you love the idea of meeting new people with interesting backgrounds and from different countries and cultures, then you won’t get a better opportunity than at a summer camp. You’ll be working with your fellow counselors from all over the world and meeting some of America’s brightest future stars in the form of your campers. If this sounds like you-you’re perfect for summer camp.


4. You like stepping out of your comfort zone.

Trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone is something that you are striving and the thought alone is exhilarating to you, then summer camp is for you. You relish the opportunity to try exciting things and the concept of doing so every day for the summer is something you know you’ll love. If this describes you to a tee, then summer camp will be the perfect fit for you.



5. You’re passionate about helping others.

Does helping others seem incredibly exciting for you? Helping young people to grow and develop is something that you know will be rewarding. You would love and cherish the opportunity to help young people to have the summer of a lifetime. Does this sound like you? If so join a summer camp program today!



6. You’re a happy and upbeat person.

If you wake up with a smile on your face, see the good things in life and have a positive and upbeat attitude then you’re going to fit in like a fish in water. You’ll be working long days, surrounded by little ones and far away from home. This may seem daunting to most but if this excites you, summer camp is the place for you.



7. You want to change your life.

You’re ready to take the step forward towards the new you. You want your independence, you want excitement and you want to do something that will create the memories of a lifetime. Summer camp is the answer to your dreams.


If you have ticked off a few to all of these boxes our Summer Camp program is for you.

Registrations close March 2018 so come one come all and register now before it is too late. Do not wait, take the leap and join us in the adventure of a lifetime.


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