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As an Au Pair, you live with a Host Family and provide full-time, live-in child care. You are an integral part of the family, a friend and teammate to the Host Parents and a big brother or sister to the children. Au Pairs are encouraged to participate in family events and outings so you may learn more about US. culture through first-hand experience.


There are many opportunities to make new friends while in the U.S. and one of the easiest ways is with the other Au Pairs in your area. All Au Pairs living in the U.S. have a Local Area Representative who is responsible for scheduling activities. All the Au Pairs in the local area attend, so you learn more about the U.S. while meeting new people.


The education component is an important part of the Au Pair program. All Au Pairs are required to take classes at an approved and accredited university while in the U.S. You can choose any subject you would like to study, as long as it is through an accredited university. The amount of credits required varies depending on the Au Pair program in which you participate. The education component is also a great way to make new friends.


As an Au Pair in America, you earn a weekly stipend of at least $195.75 which adds up to roughly $10 000 a year. You also receive a study allowance of up to $500 towards your educational requirement. Finally you have a great time experiencing the U.S. while earning a great weekly income.


In addition to living in a local area in America, you have the opportunity to travel throughout the country and experience everything the U.S has to offer. Each Au Pair receives two weeks of paid vacation during their year and a 30-day grace period at the end of their year specifically for travel within the U.S. You also receive a basic traveller’s health insurance during your time with the Au Pair program.


Perfect your English skills with full immersion into the English language. English is the primary language spoken in your Host Family’s home and university classes are also taught in English. This real life experience with English provides you with more exposure to the English language than many other types of foreign exchange programs.


Gain valuable work experience while caring for the children in your Host Family. After your year with the Au Pair program, you receive a certificate of completion showing your successful completion of the Au Pair program. The experience you gain as an Au Pair in America is a valuable resume builder and a great way to show future employers you are dependable and hard working.

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