Enjoy the unique, cultural experience of working and living on a Kibbutz. A Kibbutz is a village community in which all property and means of production are shared by the members. About 3% of Israel’s population, of three and a half million people, live in Kibbutzim. As a volunteer you will be invited to join in many of the Kibbutz’s social events and can expect to receive most of the benefits of the members’ way of life. Feel free to contact us for more information about the different Kibbutz communities we partner with. You may also be provided with free internet facilities, work clothing and sometimes special Kibbutz “Funny-Money” which can be used at the local Kibbutz shop. This is not a money making programme but rather a volunteer programme whereby in return for your labour, you will be provided free food and accommodation, as well as a little pocket money. Volunteering on a Kibbutz guarantees a good time, with parties galore, trips to the Dead Sea, scuba diving in the Red Sea and meeting many other travellers from around the world. This is truly a great holiday package and definitely a unique opportunity to work overseas.
Programme Requirements
  • Aged between 18 and 35 years
  • Proficient in the English Language
  • In good health and physically fit
  • A valid South African passport (or proof that you have applied for one)
  • A police clearance certificate 
  • Commitment to a minimum of two months on a Kibbutz
Included in the program fee
  • All processing costs in South Africa & Israel
  • Application, interview and placement fees
  • Health, travel and liability insurance for up to four months
  • Accommodation and meals provided by the Kibbutz
  • You will earn between USD $50 and USD $500 per month as pocket money


Working conditions
Volunteering on a Kibbutz will require six to eight hours of volunteering per day, six days a week with two to three days off per month. Volunteers can be assigned to a range of tasks, from dishwasher duty, working in the cotton fields or even cleaning toilets. Male volunteers are usually assigned with tasks involving physical labour whereas female volunteers are assigned the more gentle tasks such as kitchen or cleaning duties. You will also be responsible for the cleanliness of you room.
Once you have paid your YDP registration fee, you will receive all of the necessary information about Kibbutz and the application process. The YDP staff will guide you along the way and can assist you with flight bookings should you require it.
Costs involved
1. Once off YDP registration fee R 500
2. Interview and Administration fees R 2500
3. Acceptance fee  ILS1700
4.  Placement in a Kibbutz fee R 2500
5. International return airfares At your own cost

Israeli Visa fee (payable on arrival)

NIS 110

Kibbutz registration fee (payable on arrival)

NIS 400

Kibbutz Specific Health Insurance

NIS 340

If you are interested in this programme and would like to chat to a YDP representitive, please click on the below link to complete our form with your contact details.

“…I have arrived and settled into Kibbutz Geva in the north of Israel. I’ve met some amazing people and am quickly finding my feet in the community and work of kibbutz life.”
Christine Gerke

Kibbutz volunteer