Au pair jobs overseas are the perfect programmes for those who love working with children while travelling. Au pair means “on par” or “equal”. You live with an overseas host family and become part of their daily routine and family life and in return you care for your host family’s children. Participating in one of the au pair programmes that YDP offers, means that you are part of one of the biggest cultural exchange programmes in the world. You get to travel and experience life in another country while enjoying one of our au pair jobs overseas. YDP only works with internationally accredited au pair agencies and members of IAPA (International Au Pair Association) with whom YDP has been a proud member for the past 12 years (and the only South African au pair agency). Au Pairing is one of the most popular overseas jobs and will help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Au Pair in the USA

au pair in the USA
Everyone has a dream to travel the world and see places that they’ve only been able to read about. Au pair jobs in the USA offer you the chance to fulfil your dream to travel while enabling you to become part of a new family and experience a new culture for a year. American families also view this experience as a way for them to ‘travel’ without having to go anywhere. Being an au pair is not only about working abroad while working for a family but being involved in a one year work exchange programme – an exchange of cultures, languages and friendship.


Au Pair in the Netherlands

Netherlands, the country known for its beautiful tulips and the colour orange. With Dutch being the primary language, Afrikaans speaking au pairs have found living and working in the Netherlands an easy step. Au pairing in the Netherlands is your gateway to the rest of Europe, with Paris only being a two hour train journey from Amsterdam. The Dutch are friendly and caring and have loved having South Africans as au pairs in their homes. This particular working holiday is one of the most popular au pair jobs overseas for South Africans.



YDP Work&Travel is partnering with Little Sunshines Agency & Academy in order to assist NEW, young Au Pairs to meet the minimum requirements needed to Au Pair internationally.  

As part of our Au Pair programmes, YDP will be paying for your Au Pair courses at Little Sunshines to help our new au pair’s to truly be equipped with the knowledge, to be the BEST Au Pair you can be and to understand what families want, in order to be placed with a family abroad.

Little Sunshines Agency & Academy is the BEST Course in the Industry – Copied by many, but matched by none!


Infant, Baby & Toddler Course

Course Material:

  • What is an Infant, Baby and Toddler
  • Baby & Toddler Milestones
  • Infant, Baby & Toddler Routines
  • Bottles & Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Putting Baby to Sleep & Toddler Nap Time
  • Colic
  • Baby Massage & Baby Exercises
  • Teething
  • Sitting, Crawling, Walking
  • Starting Solids, Food, Feeding & Eating – Infant to Toddler
  • Dummies
  • Potty Training
  • Introducing Toddler to a New Baby
  • Boundaries & Discipline – Age 18 Months to 3 Years
  • Teaching Numbers, Counting, Colours, Shapes etc.
  • Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skill Development
  • Puzzles & Books
  • Language Development & Reading
  • Biting, Smacking, Sharing, Tidying Up & Manners
  • Vaccinations

Au Pair Training Course

Course Material:

  • How to Gain Experience
  • How to Write a Cover Letter and CV
  • What to do at the Interview
  • Overtime and Babysitting
  • Au Pair Job Functions – what are normal au pair job functions
  • What Not to Do as an Employee and as an Au Pair
  • All About the First Day and Settling In
  • What Families Expect and Dislike
  • The Difficult Side of Being an Au Pair
  • Attending Parties and Play dates
  • How to Approach a Parent about a Problem
  • How to Work for a Difficult Boss
  • How to Deal with the Domestic Worker
  • How to Interact with Teachers
  • How to Deal with Divorce in the Home
  • How to Deal with Religion
  • Children with Different needs – ADD / ADHD, Sensory Disorder & Anxiety Disorder
  • Dealing with Difficult Children – aggression, lack of boundaries and discipline etc.
  • Discipline and Boundaries – ages 1 to 14
  • Food – Cancer Items, After School Snacks, Lunchboxes and Dinners
  • Safety whilst on the Job – allergies, stings, various illnesses, head injuries, sprains, fevers, lice, worms, burns etc.
  • Swimming Safety
  • Transportation Safety
  • Indoor and Outdoor Activities

These are the courses we will pay for when you sign up with the YDP Family!  You’re Welcome 🙂