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Au Pair Programs

Participating in one of the au pair programmes that YDP offers, means that you are part of one of the biggest cultural exchange programmes in the world.  We offer programmes to Au pair in America or the Netherlands.

Summer Camp Programs

Summer Camps cater for children from all economic backgrounds, religious faiths and physical abilities. Camp Counsellors are needed for these camps to provide educational and cultural development to children and adolescents during their summer holidays.

Kibbutz Programs

A Kibbutz is a village community in which all property and means of production are shared by the members.  As a volunteer you will be invited to join in many of the Kibbutz’s social events and can expect to receive most of the benefits of the members’ way of life.


YDP offers several exciting internship holiday packages across the globe. An internship is one of the best working holidays and career boosters you could get.


We have sent over 30 000 happy YDP adventurers overseas to make memories that will last a lifetime.  If you have come this far, you are only a click away from starting your journey.
Youth Discovery Programmes (YDP), founded in 1993, assists young people to travel overseas on working holidays. YDP offers various programmes for the South African youth wanting to go on working holidays abroad.
Working within strict guidelines and with only professional, IAPA recognised organisations, our applicants have a secure home away from home, a cultural exchange experience and earn valuable foreign currency.