Lindani Dimba

YDP Client

“the best decision I ever made was the day I registered with YDP, thank you so much to YDP and my wonderful consultant for making my dream a reality,Eurika De kooker I couldn’t have asked for a better agent you’ve been there for me from day one assisting and guiding me.I cannot wait to begin the American adventure,you’re truly an angel thank you! ??” –

Nina-mary Ndabezitha
Nina-mary Ndabezitha

YDP Client

What were your thoughts on the experience?

It was a lot different then what imagined it would be in terms of the state. I always thought that all the states would be like New York City (as they show it on television). I have learned a lot of things since I have been here for a year. I have worked in three kitchens in a five-star diamond hotel. I have been taught to be persistent and work with a sense of urgency.


Would you recommend the program?

Yes, I would recommend this program it has helped gain a lot of experience in the hospitality industry.


Who would you recommend the program too?

I would recommend it to my colleagues and friends who are interested in the hospitality and doing an international program abroad.


Name some highlights of your time in the USA:

My highlight was going to New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia for vacation. I got to see Time Square and I ate the famous Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia.


Sikelelwa Mabhanga

Hospitality Intern

OMW the program was amazing it was one of my hardest to say goodbye to, literally tears on the day I had to leave.


What were your thoughts on the experience?

It was definitely the best experience I could have asked for, the learning opportunity was endless, perfect experience if you are serious about this career path.


Would you recommend the program?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the program.


Who would you recommend the program too?

I would recommend the program to anyone who still busy with tertiary education or has just graduated, who want to gain international experience is serious about the career in hospitality.


Name some highlights of your time in the USA:

My highlights of my time there are so many, meeting people from literally all over the world, exploring the different attractions, my biggest highlight would have to be working at Kalahari and the co-workers who have become the best of friends today. Every day was a new adventure, example the snow and learning it’s not easy walking in the snow I have the scares from falling to prove it. Renting a car and driving to Chicago, 22-hour drive road trip to Miami Florida, those are a few good highlights.


The J1 program is not just about go overseas and partying, etc like some think it is which I have also learned being over, its hard work and dedication, it definitely came easily although I won’t say completely easy, because I loved every second of it and what I was doing. I have learned so much from working at Kalahari and gain so much, skill wise within this career path especially, I would do it over in a heartbeat definitely.


It was really an amazing experience and most definitely worth it, I would recommend anyone interested to take the chance and go for it, it’s such a different world out there and explaining isn’t the same as experiencing it, any career path is tough but I’ve built an amazing network through it all. Kalahari was definitely an amazing company to work at, best decision I’ve made to join the program. It’s definitely made me realise where I want to be and what I want to my career path already.



Danielle Dace

It takes a village…

The phrase I’ve heard a million times but never really thought much of until I joined the au pair clan.

Being an au pair was an amazing life changing and enhancing experience.

Being an important part of a family and their two gorgeous boys life for two years and have them become your family and your pride and joy, don’t get me wrong there were moments where we had to work on our communication, just like in any family but overall we did a pretty darn good job in being a team and raising their boys I’d say!

The experience definitely made me more humble, taught me that being vulnerable is okay, made me appreciate my parents and everything they have done for me. It made me more motivated and positive and brought me back to life again.

There are so many more things it has done but for someone like me who loves my family more than anything else, it made me a very wealthy person. My village had grown with the boys village and I got to meet so many different and amazing people from different backgrounds ( who I’d honestly never even think of speaking to, because back home people are still somewhat narrow minded ) . I got to be a part of different cultures, see amazing things and places. These things I would never have been able to do if it wasn’t for the option of being able to au pair and the great family I ended up with. I made friends who will last me a lifetime and so much more.

They thought me a lot and helped me grow in so many different ways and in return I got to be a part of so many first with their family. I believe I added just as much value to their lives as they did to mine and still miss them every day.

It takes a village…

That’s probably the most meaningful and best way to describe my au pairing experience coz it has taken one and I’ve loved being a part of one.

Roxanne Delport - AuPair USA

(27/05/2017) Today marks one year that I am in America ❤️ 
Atlanta Georgia has been my home for the past 365 days and I am blessed to have had such good times…
Last year this time I left my family and friends to start a new adventure with so many emotions running through me…
I have learnt to be very independent in this one year and it is a big world indeed…
With every day that passes I miss my family but I am enjoying the time I have in America in this year I’ve seen so many things that I never expected to…
This year has taught me many lessons that only experience can teach a person…
I’ve made friends and memories that would last a life time…
365 more days let’s do this ❤️ ❤️
Merishka Naidoo

Au Pairing in the USA

It is truly fantastic here in the US. I love it so so much.  I learned so much about the American culture and I made some life long friends from all over the world, so I’m definitely also learning about their cultures! I’ve been to Florida, Texas and North Carolina so far. And of course, New York City was the BEST experience ever. The snow was amazing and the busy city was a different experience. My host family is amazing and the kids are so sweet. Summer vacation starts today and then the fun starts!!

I’m truly having the time of my life!

I miss my family, dogs and friends back home in Cape Town, but I have no regrets doing a gap year in another country!

Chandre Schell

Au Pairing in the USA

It is a very good pleasure for me to get this opportunity to thank you for everything that you have done for me… Taking me down and lifting me up,how would I be without you, Karmini, Vishona and other staff members.  I really appreciate your work keep it up guys!! Kiawah island golf resort is a place like home. Staff, Managers they know how to treat a guest we receive a very warm welcome from day 1. I have a lot to say about Kiawah island golf resort but for the most we thank all the team.  Once again thank you!



Hazel Nxumalo

Ever since we came to south Carolina everything is well, people around South Carolina are so friendly, they all just want to help, interns with transport . we met a lady named Lila who is a shuttle bus driver and she gave us her cellphone number so that we can call her anytime we need to get around Charleston, If we wants to go to the grocery shops she even offered to take us to the beach when we off from our duties. Some of the shops we visited so far is bilo, dollar tree, publix and wallmart. All these shops really have the lowest prices of food and clothing.
I recommend this programme to every youth who wishes to spread their wings and fly away in their career because so far I discovered that if you really want to grow career wise you need to be in a foreign country, where you’ll learn independency because your mind will always tell you that you came to  work and learn, focus comes naturally overseas because you get people all over the world, different cultures, different languages and completely different working environmen.  Oooooohhh did I mention that earnings are so great, its a good opportunity to save for that business you need capital for. So really coming overseas is  worth it. I am enjoying myself . I really want to thank Ydp for the the hard work purting together this amazing opportunity for us as youth. I’m employed by the organisation name Kiawah island resort. Which is phenominally beautiful on its own, I work in the food and beverage department although I’m at the beginning phase with this department I feel that I’ve leaned alot even at this stage , My career life has taken a complete u turn heading straight to the Top. Again thank you ydp team, vishona, karmini eurika and others . I know you guyz by names because u worked with me closely.



Phindile Annamarie

My experience has been going well.  These past nine months have been life changing.

I have a awesome host family,who make me feel so comfortable and i have met crazy amazing people and formed good friendships.I have grown as a person and become more independent  I have learnt so much and gained a lot of experience.

My aupair adventure is definitely memorable and shall be cherished.

Noelle Jansen

Noelle Jansen au pairing through YDP

I have had so much fun since I have arrived in the Nederland’s. I have seen and done so much.

New years ice cold dive in the ocean, crazy day trips to interesting little towns, hanging around with the kids, learning to play guitar, laughing with my host parent’s, seeing different country’s, playing in the snow for the first time, being part of the carnival, visiting the museums, some hot spring days to, learning to cycle with someone on the back, going to amusement parks, camping, running to make that train, making stroopwafels and then eating it..hehe..yummy…

If I had to explain in detail my last 5 months and how great it was I would need to write a book. It’s the small​ things like making a new friend and planning that trip or even just breathing in your surrounding that makes it so special.

I have made so many friends and learned that it’s okay to be alone sometimes to. Being part of this has been such a blessing. Going home at the end of this year is gonna be hard. The memories will never fade.

I have learned so much about others and myself and If you have the opportunity to do anything like this…TAKE IT!!!..and then just enjoy the ride and admire the view…
Nadia Erasmus

Nadia – au pairing in the Netherlands through YDP

I hope you are well. Well to give you some updates with my host family; they are awesome. The mom, Jenn, adores me and I like her too. The kids are fantastic but I struggle to keep them entertained indoors sometimes cause it rains here.

Seattle is beautiful and cold but I am enjoying change and adjusting well; I don’t miss the Durban heat just yet. Everyone is nice here and I have met quite a few people and other au pairs and they are fantastic.

So I have been to the University of Washington (Jenn works there), I’ve seen the Space Needle but no Seattle Grays Hospital, LOL. I have been to the Zoo, on a challenging hiking trail and I have seen the first Starbucks. I am having loads of fun and really happy that I found a 10 week course on Graphic design at one of the colleges.


Paleka Morekure - Washington DC (USA)

I just want to thank Pamela and the YDP family for everything that they have done for me to get to where I am now. I am really and truly grateful for all you have done to get me to the USA.

What you guys do will change peoples lives for the better!! I may have been here for a short time but my life has changed so much since I’ve been here and I want to thank you for that.

On another note I would like to say thank you again for the letter Pamela gave me that touched my heart and was so meaningful. It will be the first thing people see when they open up my scrapbook of my new, amazing adventure that couldn’t have happened with out you.

I hope my experience will be as memorable as yours….

Kayla Lloyd-Evans - New York (USA)

I’m very thankful to YDP, specifically Pamela for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity of coming to the USA. When my mother saw your advert online and asked me to send my details through I was very nervous because I have heard a lot of scam stories about companies that send people overseas, so I was doubting everything. But today I write this letter very happy and thankful to Pamela for assuring me about your agency. From my first appointment with Pamela I was certain this is what I wanted to do. I didn’t know of anybody who had done this before, up until I was accepted by YDP. I am so thankful to YDP for all your support from the first application up until the final departure talk. You have been very supportive and patient with me.

I am now settled in with my hostfamily, they are very nice and helpful. From the very first day they picked me up at the airport up until now they have been very supportive and understanding. My host Mom helped me get a social security card, a bank account and today I got my drivers license.

All of this wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Hlanzeka Londeka Mthembu - Atlanta (USA)

So tomorrow marks the end of my first month in the US of A….Wow where did this month go… it sure doesn’t feel like I’ve been here for four weeks already. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I look around just to make sure I really am where I think I am.

And when I think back on my very long and difficult journey to get here it makes me even prouder!!! Every day isn’t a bed of roses, I have an equal amount of bad days as I do good but I make sure that the good days are not just good but AWESOME….

In just one month I have met amazing people from all walks of life, seen the beautiful lights of Times Square, danced with hip-hop street dancers in Manhattan, shopped in downtown Brooklyn, met Bugs Bunny and jumped on a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty with my very own eyes! And none of this would have been possible without the assistance and guidance of the ladies at YDP…from your encouraging words to your eagerness to please I will eternally be grateful to you and never will I regret the day I decided to give your offices a call!

A special THANK YOU to Karmini Naidoo for your absolute patience and hard-work, I know I probably had more questions than anyone else but you never once showed the slightest bit of frustration…..much appreciated!!!

And of course Miss Shivani Govender…you are AWESOME….Thank you for working closely with my file, for not only making yourself available during office hours but WAY AFTER as well, answering all my questions, stressing and being overjoyed with me. I don’t think I would be here if I didn’t have you in my corner motivating me all the way because not only did you help me get here but I have also gained a lifelong friend….YDP has a gem and I am HAPPY AND PROUD to have been your very first client!!!!

So before I get all emotional, I’ll end this off with another thank you to YDP because right now I’m living my American dream……

Promise to keep in touch!!!!

With love all the way from New Jersey

Stavroulla van Niekerk - New Jersey (USA)