If you missed it, don’t worry!  Applications for Summer Camp USA are open. New packages to be launched soon, so don’t miss out for 2018!  Here are some reasons to not miss out:

  • Work Experience – Working at a Summer Camp provides you with ideal experience if you are planning to pursue a career in childcare or teaching. Any kind of overseas work experience says a great deal about your strong character, independence and motivation that are all great for your CV, no matter what your intended career path!
  • Networking – A great opportunity to establish friendships and develop an international network of friends and contacts.
  • Cultural Exchange – A wonderful opportunity to learn about the US culture, history and politics while at the same time providing insight into your own home country.
  • Fun – Camp is not only good for your CV…. Working at camp means you’ll experience the excitement of living and working in a new country and traveling across the country with new friends after your camp contract.
  • Safe and Secure Working Environment – Summer Camp is the ideal program for a 1st time traveler. Safe and secure environment, full placement prior to departure, and all travel arrangements and pick up secured!  All meals and accommodation are covered while you’re at camp.  A work travel experience couldn’t be easier!
  • Gain Confidence and Independence – Your Summer Camp experience will help you build both the hard and soft skills that will set you up for life.
  • Maximize your Opportunity to Travel – After camp you will have an opportunity to travel around the USA for up to 30 days! This is a brilliant chance to travel with other international staff and stay you’re your new US friends.


Does this sound ideal to you?

There are of course a few requirements which need to be met to qualify for this adventure of a lifetime. To see if you qualify, please check out our summer camp programme.

This is not only a great holiday package, but also quite possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity to work abroad and experience a different world.