We’re seriously excited to share our summer camp rates with you! Summer camps are a USA phenomenon which have become extremely popular over the years, with various camps opening up in different states all over America.

Camp counsellors are responsible for looking after the kids and there are various ways to get involved, whether you want to teach horse riding or jewellery design! One of the wonderful things about camp is the fact that people with a wide range of skills are welcome – we’re currently looking for people to fill positions across different fields like film, dancing, skateboarding and teaching.

If you’re wondering whether you’d make a good camp counsellor, be sure to read our post on the top traits for great counsellors. The key to success is being organised, calm, gentle and fun. Remember, you’ll be working with kids all day so that needs to be something you enjoy! The aim of the game is to impart something valuable to the children, whether that’s through education, life skills, art or something else.

Summer camps are also a great way for you to explore the USA. Work and travel in America during the sunny season and set some of the money you earn aside to visit some of the sites. The Grand Canyon is one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the world, and it’s also always worthwhile popping over to Disney to meet Mickey Mouse!

If you’d like to apply for our summer camps in the USA, please get in touch with us soon! We’d love to set you up to have the best summer of your life.