1 Cup of passion

2 Tablespoons of dedication to honing your skills

3 Cups of serious love for food

2 Teaspoons of constant learning and research

A liberal sprinkling of creativity

5 Tablespoons of hard work

Season with tertiary education

Culinary Arts Internships in America


Step One: Read about our culinary internships in Australia and America and decide where you want to go! YDP works with some of the top hotels and resorts in Australia and the USA, including the likes of The Hilton, Luxury Resorts, The Marriott, The Radisson, Ritz Carlton and more. Step one in this journey is simply picking the place that matches your skills and appeals to your wanderlust the most.

Step Two: Make sure that you meet the criteria necessary to apply for a culinary arts internship. Remember, you need to be a fulltime student or a recent culinary graduate or have two year’s fulltime tertiary education in relevant fields or have five year’s work experience in a relevant field.

Step three: Contact YDP! Simply apply and start the journey towards a fulfilling, adventurous and exciting culinary career abroad.

Step four: Stay passionate, keep your love for learning alive, prepare to work hard and cook hard, and take every opportunity you can!

And there you have it – a recipe for your culinary dreams to come true!