United Kingdom

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As a South African, we have the privilege of participating in one of America’s many work and travel programmes.
The United States is a beautiful, diverse country with friendly people, exciting adventures and enchanting locations.
Whether you work at a five star hotel in Florida or at a ski resort in Colorado, you will be guaranteed a travelling
adventure of a lifetime.

Working in the UK
YDP’s several USA Work & Travel programmes enable successful applicants to gain a better understanding of the American way of life through seasonal and contract employment. You will return to South Africa with a greater general knowledge and understanding on how other parts of the world live and operate and undoubtedly return to your home country a more mature and independent individual, with life long memories, international work experience and many international friends. Sometimes, with some foreign currency too!
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Everyone has a dream to travel the world and see places that they’ve only been fantasised about, until now. Au pairing in the USA offers you the chance to fulfil this dream and allows you to become part of a new family and a new culture for a year… Read More

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