Graduation is an exciting time in any student’s life but it can also be a time of realization that ones needs to step into the big world and get a job. However, that job doesn’t have to be in South Africa. Here are our top five reasons why interning while seeing the world is a good idea.

International experience

The first thing many graduates are told during an interview is that they don’t have enough experience. Interning abroad in your chosen field means that not only will you be well equipped with work experience when you return home but you’ll also have international experience which speaks volume in the work place.

Broaden your horizons

They say travelling broadens one’s horizons and opens your heart and mind to a world of new ideas and experiences. These experiences will better equip you to work in the workplace. You’d be surprised how far your experience as an independent traveler can help you meander through everyday work days. International ideas and experiences might also be very useful in the workplace and you’ll be able to offer unique perspectives on projects and problem solving.

Different personalities

International travel means that you are more than likely going to encounter a number of different cultures let alone personalities. This will equip you with the patience and empathy needed in the workplace where you spend more than eight hours a day with colleagues. People are different and accepting people’s individual quirks is important – travelling abroad will introduce you to wider personality and culture pool.

International learnings

The world is very advanced and in some sectors, its more advanced than South Africa. This means that you are able to acquire skill sets that others applying for the same job as you wont have. These learnings will place you front and centre of the knowledge pack.

Travel before committing

For those who matriculated and went straight into studying, interning abroad is the perfect opportunity to “take a gap year” while gaining valuable experience. You can see the world before settling down in a permanent position back home. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you didn’t squander your time abroad but made an excellent decision to further your learning and get your foot in the door of your future career.