There are plenty of agencies offering work overseas. While they all offer similar things, its important to find the one that suits your travel and work needs the best. Here are our top five thing to consider when choosing an agency.


Before choosing an agency, do research on the different kinds of programmes that are available from each. Once you have chosen a programme that suits you, compare the programme offering between the different agencies. While some might offer similar programmes, its imperative that you read all fine print and perhaps read reviews about past travellers experiences.


If there is a country you’d really like to visit then search for an agency that has a programme you’d like in that particular country. Remember to base your city decision on research and not just word of mouth. Again, check what past travellers who have used that particular agency have said about that country.


Paperwork is a large part of working and travelling overseas. It’s a good idea to find out exactly what admin services the agency will require you to do on your own, and what they will help you out with. The more they can help you out with the better as they are bound to have more experience in this department than you. Especially when it comes to the application processes for overseas jobs.


Be sure to choose an agency who will not only communicate with you often while organising your trip, but one that keeps the lines of communication open while you’re on your trip too. Travelling can be daunting and any good agency worth their weight in luggage will check in with you to make sure you have transitioned well and are enjoying your time abroad.


Make sure you choose an agency whose fee structure not only makes sense to you but is within your price range. Compare what each agencies fee breakdown includes and don’t be shy to ask questions about any fees or requirements.