For many people, the decision to explore another country or continent while working is a no brainer. But for some, the idea of being away from home can be a bit daunting. For those people, its best to way up the pros and cons. Here are a few of the fantastic pros of embarking on an overseas job.

Learn about new cultures

While its true that South Africa is a multi-cultural country, the religions and cultures waiting on the other side of the ocean are a-plenty.  No matter where you go, you will encounter cultural differences and customs that will not only change your perspective on the world but will increase your understanding and appreciation of people of other cultures and religions.

Learn a new language

There are over 6500 languages in the world and their importance should never be underestimated. Learning the local dialect in the country that you choose to work and travel in will help you meet new people and will also make your stay a lot easier. Learning a new language is an exciting journey to embark on of its own.


International shopping is incomparable. Wherever you go, you’re sure to find the latest designs and fashions. Depending where you go, haggling for prices is the best part.


Along with different cultures comes different kinds of food. Travelling not only exposes you to a feast for your eyes but a feast for your tummy too. There is literally a whole world of traditional foods to try when you travel – take a bite you just might like it!


The memories that you’ll have of a sunset overseas or a historical site that you got to visit while enjoying an internship is priceless. While your working and travelling holiday might fly by, the memories you’ll make of your experiences will be with you forever.