The Australian Hotel Internship programme is for hospitality students and recent graduates in search of experiential work overseas. We will place you in one of many five star rated hotels in Australia to work in food and beverage or front of house and gain vital hospitality experience. The remuneration in these positions is high and you will have the exciting opportunity to stay and travel for one extra month in Australia: swim with dolphins, experience the outback or the Great Barrier Reef!

YDP works with some of the most prestigious hotels and resorts in Australia, including The Hilton, Luxury Resorts, The Marriott, The Radisson, Inter Continental, Ritz Carlton and many other private and exclusive brands. A hotel internship not only provides you with a great working holiday but gives you a really great idea of international hospitality.

Programme Requirements
  • Aged between 18 and 30 years (there are some exceptions to those over 30 years of age)
  • Completed your secondary education (matric certificate / school leavers certificate)
  • Either a) Full time tertiary, hospitality student in a nationally recognised tertiary institution completing a minimum of a two year diploma or degree (a minimum of 12 months study having been completed); b) A recent tertiary, hospitality institution graduate (to arrive in Australia within 24 months of your graduation date)
  • Proficient in the English language
  • In good health and physically fit
  • A valid South African passport (or proof that you have applied for one)
  • A police clearance certificate
  • Ability to demonstrate strong ties to South Africa and a declaration that you will return to South Africa immediately after your internship in Australia
  • Having not already been on the programme or on any other internship programme in another country.
Included in the program fee
  • All processing costs in South Africa and Australia
  • Application, interview and placement
  • Visa application assistance to obtain the necessary 402 Internship Visa for a 6 or 12 month duration
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Online Tax-back application assistance
  • Assistance and emergency service through the Australian based partner for the full duration of the programme
The Australia Fair Work Act pays a minimum of AUD $16 to AUD $19 per hour in Food & Beverage, Front Office & Food Production but very often you can earn more. At an average wage of AUD 20 per hour, you have the earning potential of AUD $600 per week, or AUD $2520 per month. We have calculated that it will take you 3 months to pay back your programme fees and 4 months should you include your airfare. You can also apply for Tax-back once you have returned home, for an average 52 week programme, you will receive approximately AUD $8500 back through Tax-back.
Working conditions
Interns will be required to follow a structured training plan while participating in the programme with 30 hours of work per week and 2 days off per week. Overtime will be paid for over 45 hours worked.

You will need to Submit the application documentation and application fee to YDP. You will then participate in an interview with our Australian Partner .YDP Partner will commence your internship negotiations


YDP Partner will arrange an interview for you with a potential Host Organisation after which the internship will be confirmed through a formal Training Agreement at which point, the final fee will be paid.


You will then be about to embark on an incredible journey. Your program will commence with an orientation. Once you begin your internship, YDP will be asking for your continued feedback and provide you with ongoing support

YDP Partner will negotiate with Immigration regarding visa processing (8 – 10 weeks) for the 402 visa. Or you can make alternative arrangements.

To ensure that you have the best internship possible arranged for you please apply 4 – 6 months prior to your intended internship start date.

Follow the below timelines as a guide:

Stage 1 Enquiry & Assessment Up to 2 week

Stage 2: Application & Processing 6 – 8 weeks

Stage 3: Confirmation & Payment 6 – 8 weeks

Stage 4: Visa Arrangements 8 – 10 weeks

Stage 5: Program Participation 6, 9 or 12 months

Costs involved
1. Once off YDP registration fee (non negotiable non refundable payment) R 500.00
2. Part programme fee AUD $1000
3. Final programme fee (Dependent on duration) AUD $3500 – AUD $5500
4 International return airfares & local transport to your destination SQ
5. Australian Visa fee and processing AUD $1030
6. Comprehensive medical and liability insurance (Dependent on duration) AUD $600 – AUD $1120