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I have had so much fun since I have arrived in the Nederland’s. I have seen and done so much.  New years ice cold dive in the ocean, crazy day trips to interesting little towns, hanging around with the kids, learning to play guitar, laughing with my host parent’s, seeing different country’s, playing in the snow for the first time, being part of the carnival, visiting the museums, some hot spring days to, learning to cycle with someone on the back, going to amusement parks, camping, running to make that train, making stroopwafels and then eating it..hehe..yummy… If I had to explain in detail my last 5 months and how great it was I would need to write a book. It’s the small​ things like making a new friend and planning that trip or even just breathing in your surrounding that makes it so special. I have made so many friends and learned that it’s okay to be alone sometimes to. Being part of this has been such a blessing. Going home at the end of this year is gonna be hard. The memories will never fade. I have learned so much about others and myself and If you have the opportunity to do anything like this…TAKE IT!!!..and then just enjoy the ride and admire the view…
Nadia Erasmus