An international internship is an invaluable investment into your professional future.

In an increasingly global marketplace, an internship abroad puts you ahead of the competition, as it shows employers that you are driven and have experience working in an international setting.

Programme Requirements

  • Aged between 20 and 30 years (there are some exceptions to those over 30 years of age)
  • Completed your secondary education (matric certificate / school leavers certificate)
  • Either a) Full time hospitality student; b) A recent hospitality graduate (within 12 months); c) A minimum of two years of full time tertiary education in the fields of hotel management, culinary arts, food & beverage, recreation, leisure or tourism, d) A minimum of five years certifiable work experience in the fields of hotel management, culinary arts, food & beverage, recreation, leisure or tourism; e) A combination of one year’s work experience as well as a minimum of a two year diploma/degree in the fields of hotel management, culinary arts, food & beverage, recreation, leisure or tourism
  • Proficient in the English language
  • In good health and physically fit
  • A valid South African passport (or proof that you have applied for one)
  • A police clearance certificate


Included in the programme fee

Guaranteed agricultural internship placement

Comprehensive travel insurance

All applications, international courier costs, interviews, paper-work to obtain documentation for visa to legally work for duration of internship

Airport pickup on arrival in Brisbane

One night hostel accommodation in Brisbane

Transportation to Rainbow Beach to spend three days to get over jet lag

Three nights hostel accommodation in Rainbow Beach

Transportation to Goomeri (you will arrive for free lunch and be assisted in opening a bank account, applying for a tax file number before heading to your host farm).

Five day training / assessment course (this allows you to demonstrate your skills, strengths and attitude which will determine your job placement).

Assistance with transportation to job location arrangements.

Goodwill bond of $1000 (refundable, see conditions of package).

Not only is this programme amazing for practical work experience, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to earn and save foreign currency. Participants will earn between Aus $600 and Aus $1000 a week and in most cases, your meals and accommodation are then provided free of charge.
Working conditions
Trainees will be required to follow a structured training plan while participating in the programme with 32 hours of work per week and 2 days off per week. Overtime will be paid for over 45 hours worked.
When we receive your application form we assess your relevant experience and skills to decide if you are skilled or unskilled in farm and outdoors work.
We then look at your attitude, work ethic and motivation. We need to identify if you are willing to learn, get involved and are prepared to try and work hard. Often this requires us to see what other things you do besides school or college and work.
Together these things help us to establish if you are likely to succeed at work in rural Australia, and therefore whether we can offer you a place in our programme.

If you are assessed as a skilled worker we are very confident that we will be able to find you work here in Australia. you need to be aware that your skills may not be easily recognised here in Australia, and so you may need to build up your experience in lower level roles to prove your abilities.

If we assess you as unskilled then there are more limited opportunities for you. Our assessment of your attitude and work ethic, as well as your performance on the training course become potentially important factors in the work that you
We accept limited numbers of unskilled applicants. If there is strong motivation and clear evidence of being able to apply yourself in a new, challenging and hard working environment then we are likely to accept you.

The application process may take 3-6 months to complete.
The first step is to register and collect all application forms .
A process of completing forms and gathering a number of supporting documents follows, and these are collated and submit to YDP . When the visa is granted the you will need to be ready to travel to Australia at short notice.

Costs involved

•YDP Registration Fee – R500.00

• All inclusive programme fee – AUD$6600

• Airfare at your own cost.

Programme Fee Deferred Payment Plan

YDP offers applicants the option to pay a deposit of the total programme fees, and then to pay the balance once in Australia, earning Auzzie Dollars!

Complete the form & and we will contact you to explain how, in full detail.


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