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A Recipe for Success in Your Culinary Arts Internship

Ingredients: 1 Cup of passion 2 Tablespoons of dedication to honing your skills 3 Cups of serious love for food 2 Teaspoons of constant learning and research A liberal sprinkling of creativity 5 Tablespoons of hard work Season with tertiary education Method: Step One:...

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5 Ways that Travelling can Make You a Better Person

The urge to travel is like a whisper in our hearts and a rustle in our minds. It’s an itch we need to scratch – a desire to explore and to experience everything this phenomenal planet has to offer first-hand. Perhaps this urge is also born from our understanding that...

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Skills you should have as an Au Pair

Being an au pair can be an incredibly fun job to have. However with all the fun comes a lot of responsibility and required personality traits. Its important that you have the personality and skills needed to be an au pair. Here is a list of our top skills needed to be...

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5 reasons to intern abroad after graduating

Graduation is an exciting time in any student’s life but it can also be a time of realization that ones needs to step into the big world and get a job. However, that job doesn’t have to be in South Africa. Here are our top five reasons why interning while seeing the...

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5 tips for your internship abroad

Internships are a great way to gain practical work experience while gaining an insight into different kinds of occupations. Whether you’ve already decided to do an internship overseas or are still deciding, these tips will make sure you make a success of your working...

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How to pack for your overseas job

Unlike a two-week trip overseas, packing to work overseas requires a lot more planning, baggage and lists. We’ve made it easy to ensure you remember to pack the essentials before heading off on your work-travel adventure. Essential toiletries Toiletries will run out...

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5 reasons you should work abroad

For many people, the decision to explore another country or continent while working is a no brainer. But for some, the idea of being away from home can be a bit daunting. For those people, its best to way up the pros and cons. Here are a few of the fantastic pros of...

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How to choose a youth programme agency

There are plenty of agencies offering work overseas. While they all offer similar things, its important to find the one that suits your travel and work needs the best. Here are our top five thing to consider when choosing an agency. Programmes Before choosing an...

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