Unlike a two-week trip overseas, packing to work overseas requires a lot more planning, baggage and lists. We’ve made it easy to ensure you remember to pack the essentials before heading off on your work-travel adventure.

Essential toiletries

Toiletries will run out which means you will inevitably have to purchase them wherever you are moving to. For this reason, its not only unwise to pack in that extra 20% more shampoo bottle but its also against international flight regulations. Pack enough toiletries to get you through your first few weeks. Remember to do your research though and stock up on smaller sizes of those must-have items you may not be able to purchase once overseas.

Clothes for the job

Your overseas job should dictate the clothes you are going to pack. While au pairing might require you to wear really comfortable but neat clothes, an internship in an office may require outfits that are a lot more professional. If your embarking on an internship overseas be sure to ask what the dress code is for work before packing. You might also want to check on the religion of the family you are staying with if you are au pairing abroad and suit your appearance to their culture.

Clothes for the climate

Remember that overseas temperatures are different to South Africa and you need to plan for both the current season and seasons that are coming up. Ensure you pack a few basics that can be worn across seasons and at least one coat if you are going to colder climates. These can really add extra weight to your baggage so its important to consider whether many layers that are easier to pack are better than a bag full of jerseys.

Reminders of home

While we know you would love to pack all your memories and reminders of home in your bag, try to keep this limited. Remember that electronic aids are a great place to store music, photos and ebooks. They can also be taken on the plane as hand luggage and are a compact way to travel with your memories from home.